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Bank of Wedowee will never send you an email or text message asking for your User ID, Passwords, PIN, or other sensitive information. Click here for more safety tips.


Bank Cards

Your Debit Card lets you carry less cash and write fewer checks

Bank of Wedowee Debit MasterCard®

One swipe of your debit card and the amount of your purchase is deducted from your checking account. There's no annual fee and MasterCard® Worldwide Zero Liability protection* means you're protected from certain unauthorized purchases using your card. Plus, it helps you stay on top of your finances with each transaction shown on your checking account.

    • Accepted wherever you see the MasterCard logo
    • Can be used as an ATM card
    • Limit of $1,000.00 per day on purchases
    • Limit of $300.00 per day on withdrawals
    • Call 256-357-2132 to order Debit Card or download order form here

** MasterCard®'s Zero Liability protection protects eligible cardholders from unauthorized transactions processed over the MasterCard network. Subject to certain restrictions and limitations that may be imposed by MasterCard from time to time. Please refer to for further information regarding MasterCard's Zero Liability protection.
MasterCard® and the MasterCard Brand Mark are trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. © 2012 MasterCard

SMS Guardian Text Alert Services         

Help prevent debit card fraud by signing up for SMS Guardian for your Bank of Wedowee debit card. In addition to Fraud Center1 you may now enroll in SMS Guardian to receive alerts about certain debit card purchases which enables you to assist in identifying and stopping fraudulent debit card activity immediately.

Features and Benefits

·       Once enrolled you receive alerts via text message for certain transactions

·       You may enroll up to 10 mobile phone numbers per card

·       You may set up “do not disturb’ times when messages can be held and sent after the designated quiet period

·       Supports all major mobile phone carriers (Sprint, Nextel, Boost and Virgin require an alert message be sent every 30 days reminding you of the subscription)

·       For assistance, reply HELP to an alert message or click user service guide on the website, or call (888)868-8611

Transactions that Trigger the Alert Messages

·       International transactions

·       Authorizations greater than $200

·       6 or more transactions in 24 hours

·       Card not present (online or keyed transactions)

·       Out of state transactions

Here’s an example of what the service looks like in action. You might receive a text message similar to this:

Guardian Alert on card 12341 at XYZ Store2 for $500.003. Reply AA1234NO if unauthorized. Reply STOP to cancel alerts. 

·       1This will be the last four digits of your card number
2This will be name of the merchant
3This will be the purchase amount

If you receive this message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don’t need to do anything. If you think that it’s fraud, you reply “AA1234NO” (per this example – Note: this will change with each text received) and your card will be blocked. Once Bank of Wedowee receives notification of the block we will issue you a new card and have it sent to you as quickly as possible. You can choose to cancel this service at any time by replying with the message “STOP.”

Enroll Now by clicking on the link below:

·       Message and data rates may apply (The number of alerts you receive will be based on your card usage. You will not receive more than one message per transaction on each enrolled card.)

·       Enrollment is effective for one year. You may respond to renewal text to extend enrollment for another year

·       You may discontinue the receipt of alerts immediately by texting the word STOP in reply to a Guardian  Alert, or unsubscribe on the website, or by texting the word STOP to 27576

·       Changing your mobile service provider will require you to re-enroll your mobile device in the smsGuardian program

·       Terms and conditions and service user guide are available on the website

Fraud Center 1   "Ever feel like you're being watched?"  Watched over is more like it.  In fact, we're monitoring your Debit Card transactions - day and night - with a high tech, high touch monitoring solution that protects your accounts using state-of-the-art intelligence technology and skilled fraud experts.  If suspicious transactions are detected, a fraud specialist will attempt to contact you right away. Your card will be disabled immediately if fraud is confirmed, and if you are not available, your card will be assigned a special "watch" status until we know all is well.

click here to enroll for SMS Guardian Text Alert Service


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